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Remote Pilot License Training: $2950.00

RPA offers CASA approved Remote Pilot License (RePL) <25kg Multirotor training. Training is facilitated by instructors who hold a PPL or CPL and is undertaken at Warwick Airport in Queensland or at other approved locations around Australia. Accommodation is available for $40/night. The RPA RePL training package is all inclusive – theory, exams, text books, flight training, aviation radio qualifications, English proficiency testing and CASA licensing fees. Online application form below (please click on the black button).

Call us on 040-773-3836 for more information.

Topics covered include:

  • Basic Aeronautical Knowledge & Air Legislation
  • Radio & English Proficiency
  • Navigation & Meteorology
  • Human Factors
  • CASR 101 Rules & Guidelines
  • Risk Management
  • Simulator Training & RPAS Flight Training
  • Paperwork System
  • Various types of Drones available

Original Equipment Manufacturers Type-training: $1950.00

This training is available from $1950 if you already have a PPL or CPL. It involves two days of flight training, maintenance procedures and paperwork systems.

Call us on 040-773-3836 for more information.

Basic Commercial Operations with RPAS (Drones) <2kg: $990.00

RPA is running courses over two days that will teach you how to: fly an RPAS / Drone, undertake necessary paperwork and risk assessments and how to conduct yourself professionally.

Contact us via the ‘Contact Us’ page or call us on: 040-773-3836 for more information.

 All RPA instructors hold either a PPL or CPL and the Chief Remote Pilot is a manned aircraft Chief Flying Instructor (CFI).