Remote Operators Certificate (ReOC)

It is a requirement of CASA that to operate RPAS (Drones / UAVs) commercially you most hold or work under a Remote Operators Certificate (ReOC).

FYI CASA now allows Delegates (3rd party individuals) to undertake the ReOC application and approval process for individuals or companies wishing to secure a ReOC. Using a CASA Delegate is usually much faster and more cost effective. The delegate is easily contactable and available to discuss various aspects of the application. CASA is not!

For example if you have undertaken a CASA approved RePL training course you will no longer be required to undertake a CASA supervised onsite flight test for your ReOC. Following the submission of your ReOC application to the delegate and having paid approximately $1,500.00 the delegate will process your ReOC application and undertake a phone interview… thats it.

The ReOC preparation process has also been simplified. The delegate will provide a ReOC application kit upon request. This CASA approved kit is a boilerplate document that needs basic modifications to suit your specific operational needs. You will also need to provide RPAS (your drone / UAV / RPAS) details and safety and risk related documentation and you are on your way to achieving a ReOC.

Kelvin Hutchinson by April 2017 will be a CASA delegate*. Call to discuss this in more details if needed – 0407733836

*Unfortunately if you have undertaken RePL training with RPA you will not be able to utilize Kelvins delegate services for your ReOC application. This is a CASA ruling.