Q. Is RPA able to offer me a one-stop-shop training service so I don’t have to undertake any other training, reviews, tests or exams (like most of the other RPAS trainers are requiring me to do)?

A. You do not need to do any other courses, tests, exams etc.

Q. What are the cost involved?

A. The course is $4450.00 all inclusive. This means: text books, course material, ground and flight training, the costs of obtaining the radio qualification and the costs associated with CASA (except the ARN application) licensing are all included.

Q. What RPAS are used by RPA?

A. RPA uses quadrotors and hexacopters for training.

Q. Is there a preferred type training?

A. Most students want multirotor training and associated qualifications.

Q. If I do the multirotor training program can I secure the fixed wing qualification also?

A. Not during the multirotor course.

Q. How we differ from other RPAS training organisations?

A. We provide everything ‘in house’. Other training providers require you to still organize the text books and do the PPL exam and secure the radio and English proficiency certificates and pay for all of that.

Q. So there are two or more ways to secure your CASA issued Remote Pilot Certificate or Controllers Certificate?

A. Yes. CASA approved training facilities are authorized to undertake all aspects of the training and to work with CASA on the issuing of the qualification.

The other method is mainly for existing qualified pilots who have the radio and aviation qualifications and can simply undertake RPAS flight training and transition into the industry.

Training organisations that are NOT CASA approved are simply assisting with the RPAS flight training only and either try to train you quickly or guide you only on how to do the PPL and radio qualification study and exams etc. which you are required to do yourself. If you have no prior aviation experience at all we do not recommend this method of securing your qualifications. It is difficult, time consuming and expensive!

Q. You say I must secure an ARN. Why, how and how much?

A. When you become involved in aviation you must have a Aviation Reference Number (ARN) before you undertake any aviation pursuit. This is issued by CASA. It is free. You need this BEFORE you start the RPA training course.

The application and details are available here at the Civil Aviation Safety Authority

Q. Where do we undertake our training?

A. Warwick Aerodrome.

Q. How long is the training program?

A. 6 days, 5 nights. We commence on a Monday at 8.30am and conclude at 2pm the following Saturday.

Q. How do we get to RPAs training facilities at Warwick QLD?

A. Its a 2 hour drive from Brisbane. Qantas and REX fly into Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport (Toowoomba) daily. There is plenty of free parking onsite.


Q. Can we have an aerial robot built to suit our specific needs?

A. Yes. The time-frame varies for delivery.

Q. Does RPA have aircraft in stock for immediate delivery?

A. on most occasions yes however we do run out of stock which may cause some delays in delivery.

Q. What aerial robots do you develop, supply and support (parts etc)?

A. Quads and hexacopters

Q. Can RPA repair and service RPAS?

A. Only the RPAS we sell


Q. Do you provide UOC services?

A. Not at this stage

Q. Can we operate without a UOC?

A. No

Q. How difficult is it to secure a UOC?

A. A written application is required. CASA fees $4,000-$5,000. The CASA approval process 3-5 months. Its not that difficult.


Q. So where can we obtain details on how this all works CASA wise?

A. The CASA website