Two RPA instructors talking about a UAV they are holding.

An RPA UAV in the sky.

RPA utilises a range of Multi rotor types during the training process,
Quads, Hexacopters, the Inspire 1 and very realistic Flight Simulators.

RPA instructors flying some Drones.
A RPA instructor instrucuting people how to fly a UAV.
RPA instructors watching the Drones hover in the sky.

A UAV on the runway about to take off.

A large UAV gliding in the air.
A Drone in the air.
A UAV taking off into the sky.
A look at the screen of the path, distance, altitude etc. in which the Drone will fly.
A trailer and RPA instructors setting up to fly RPAS.

Remote Pilot Licensing

Remote Pilot Licensing | Remote Operator Certificate | CASA RPA Training | Drone Pilot Training

RPA offers Remote Pilot License (Multirotor) Training for $2,950.00. This is a CASA approved training program. You do not need to have a PPL, English proficiency or radio exams completed prior to the course as we undertake what is required during your training. You will be issued with the RePL  and Aviation Radio License upon completion.

For full details on our training options click on ‘Training’ above or call Kelvin now on 0407733836.

RPA Services

UAV Training Certificate | UAV Operator Certificate | CASA RPA Training | Drone Pilot Training | Remote Pilot License | RePL | ReOC

RPA hires the Inspire 1 / 4K camera and an operator.

If you have your PPL or CPL the course (Type Training) is over 2 days and $1950.

An accelerated licensing program is available for PPL holders.

Call now on 0407 733 836

Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems

Multirotor Aircraft Systems | UAV Systems | Drone Systems | UAV / Drone Pilot

RPA® utalises a range of Multirotor / Drone types during the training process – quads, hexacopters, the Inspire 1 and very realistic flight simulators.
We offer both Mode 1 or Mode 2 transmitter options.

Remotely Piloted Aircraft training, Drone training, UAV

RPA® ReOC No: CASA.ReOC.0131

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